Best Rugby Essentials You Will Want To Own

FP Studio March 22, 2020 18:53:24 IST
Best Rugby Essentials You Will Want To Own

Gilbert G-TR4000 Rugby Training Ball - Navy (4)
This rugby ball from Gilbert is firstly very light in weight for ease of throwing across the field. The surface of the ball has a requisite number of raised bumps and dimples for that outstanding grip for the hooker or any other player. The ball is made by stitching four synthetic panels together over a tough bladder that retains its shape for long periods. The ball is designed to travel over a longer distance at a faster speed. Backs tend to use it more than the forwards but when the spinning pass has to go to the line, the Gilbert Rugby Ball is the ideal choice! It is available in many colours for a colourful game, so go ahead and buy this one!

Kipsta Knee-pads V 300 Black, 36.5-38cm
Prevention is better than cure! Rugby can be a dangerous game. But each player can protect himself or herself from a knee injury by Kipsta Knee Pads. The kneepads are suited for players but can be used by others as well. They provide lasting protection and flexibility for the movement of the knees. The kneepads are made from synthetic fabrics to provide comfort, balance and strength to your knees. It is said that the force on your knees is the equivalent of 1½ times of your body weight. So, they provide the ideal impact-absorbing padding and heavy weight lifting for your knees. In order to ace your rugby game, we recommend you buy this!

HRS FP-H974-KIIA Rugby Ball, Size 5 (Multicolour)
The HRS Rugby ball is designed mainly for under 15 to senior rugby players. It is made from durable, yet lightweight synthetic rubber & polyester layers. Designed for in-flight stability and shape retention in a tough game of rugby, it brings life to a simple game of rugby. They are water-resistant and give a firm grip to each player for the winning run. Whether it is a forward or a back, this size 5 rugby ball has been tested over the years to get the ideal design for rough and tough games. This is a winner in every game so don't think twice before buying it!

Gilbert England International Replica Rugby Ball - Size 5
As a rugby player and fan of the game, we may not have played an international game but a replica is surely needed at home for our beloved collection. Gilbert presents to you the officially licensed ball of England. You can use it for training since it is specifically designed to retain its shape and give a firm grip or an occasional fun game with your pals. Well, if you are a die-hard rugby fan, this will surely add to your souvenir list to flaunt in front of your guests. So, go ahead, get your replica as good as the original!

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