Best rice cookers for everyday use

FP Studio August 24, 2020 21:51:15 IST
Best rice cookers for everyday use

Easy to use

The rice cooker cuts the cooking time by half because of its advanced features. There is a detachable power cord with the product making it easily portable. Further it is extremely easy to use as one only needs to push down the switch in the front to cook mode and the rice will begin to cook. Once the task is complete, the switch will automatically move up to warm mode which will ensure that the rice remains hot. The main reason for buying this product is its advanced features and top quality aluminum used in it.

A multipurpose rice cooker

This is perhaps the most multi-purpose rice cooker in the market. In this you can not only cook rice but can also steam idlis and vegetables. The product comes with two dish separator pans, a steaming basket and an idli stand. This golden brown colour rice cooker can handle almost two kgs of rice and ensures that your food remains warm up to 5 hours after being cooked. Buy this rice cooker and use it to make a variety of dishes without any hassle.

This is a smart appliance

The smart rice cooker houses a heating plate that spreads uniform heating to the aluminium pots for effective cooking in less time. There are indicators on the body to let you know whether the food is cooked or is cooking. The high quality stainless steel lid provides a steam vent to allow the steam to escape preventing lathering and overflow of rice. The major reason to buy this has to be the fact that it is a budget buy without compromising on any advanced features.

Compact size

Apart from the excellent functionality of the product, the stylish exterior makes it look presentable. This rice cooker requires very little power. It has sturdy handles ensuring that there are no chances of slips and burns due to the heat. This non-stick cooker with auto shut off assures your rice doesn’t get overcooked. It has a cooking indicator that makes it easy to adjust settings. This product is a must buy if you are looking for something that is durable and has a sturdy build.

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