Best rechargeable lights to own right now

FP Studio November 24, 2020 13:59:43 IST
Best rechargeable lights to own right now

Brightens up a dark day

This solar-powered LED light is a durable investment for your ultimate survival kit. It makes for a great environment-friendly charging option even without electricity. The LED lanterns 360-degree beam angle, is equipped with a 4000 mAh powerful battery to provide up to 20 hours of non-stop backup. It comes with two great features - A knob to control your brightness as per liking and a foldable top handle to hang it for a hands-free experience. Recommended for conscious shoppers looking for LED lanterns with long battery life.

For an uninterrupted workday

This emergency lantern delivers a hands-free experience to help you continue your desk job. Place it on a tabletop and work under its 360 degrees light powered by 24 LEDs. It comes with an on and off button to use basis requirement and an adjustable brightness knob to ensure that you have the exact amount of light that you require. Its high-quality rechargeable lithium battery takes only up to 8-10 hours of charging and comes with an inbuilt light to indicate the product is being charged or if it is deprived of charge and needs charging. Pick this up if you need a durable handy emergency light.

For a hands-free experience

This emergency light comes with LED type tubes that give you high-intensity brightness. Its compact design is ideal for studying, desk work or basic movements around your home or office. To add convenience, it has a wall-mountable feature so that you can move around without having to hold the light for up to 3-4 hours at a stretch. Charge this product for 10 hours before it's first used, to maintain its durability Recharge the battery every 3-months if not in use. Perfect for smaller spaces.

An automatic solution to power cuts

When it comes to electronics, this brand can be trusted with closed eyes. It delivers exactly what it states, a lithium-ion battery for extra long life with a battery capacity of 2000 mAh that takes 8 hours of charging time with 4 hours of back up time. This moveable emergency lantern comes with deep discharge and overcharge protection to ensure that your battery is dependable and durable. Additionally, it has an automatic ON feature so it makes the purpose easier when there is sudden power disturbance. It comes in two sizes - one full size and one in mini, pick basis requirement. With 6 months of warranty, this one is Ideal for study rooms and kitchen use.

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