Best raincoats to cover yourself during the monsoon

FP Studio June 17, 2020 21:13:15 IST
Best raincoats to cover yourself during the monsoon

Double-layered protection from rain

The complete protection kit comes with a top, a separate pant piece, and a cap. The size is good enough to fit any fully grown man. It can be used as a reversible as it provides double layered protection. The hood is adjustable and the raincoat also has pockets with flaps on them so that you can put your valuables away when it is pouring heavily.

This raincoat is available in all sizes and is ideal for plus sizes. Those with a big build can easily fit in this one.

Leakproof stitching makes it complete waterproof

The raincoat is made from high-quality double-layered polyester fabric. You can wear it for a long period of time as all the joints have been additionally sealed with leak-proof stitching making it completely waterproof. The buttons can be easily tucked thanks to its snap mechanism. The buttons are covered with a flap that prevents any chance of seepage. It also has a bag that makes it easier to store and carry around. If quality is of utmost importance to you, then you have found your match

This product comes with a waterproof bag

The polyester raincoat has been manufactured from high-grade PVC coating on the inner side. Introduce yourself to a world of ultimate protection by bagging this raincoat. The product has a waterproof bag that makes carrying with you easier. You can fit it in your bike or briefcase seamlessly. The top comes with a zipper in the center to prevent any seepage. For extra protection special inner tapping has been provided around the stitches.

Rains don’t mean you have to make do with boring stuff. Make your very own monsoon style statement with this raincoat.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

This value for money raincoat set comes in a free size. It has been made with two layers of good material to provide you the best protection from the rain. The material has been created out of durable water-impermeable polyester. There are two pockets on its sides so that you can keep keys, phones, watch, and other valuable items without them getting wet. It is a very lightweight product and thus you do not feel any discomfort while wearing it.

This is perfect for daily rugged use and is sure to last you for many monsoons.

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