Best quad roller skates for kids

FP Studio February 10, 2021 01:17:30 IST
Best quad roller skates for kids

With leather shoes

A heavy-duty four-wheeled roller skates made of premium quality lightweight aluminum that is strong and durable making it strong and safe for kids usage. The four wheels are made of a durable synthetic that allows you to perform all your fancy moves. It has low cut shoes attached to it which provides the user better balance and thrust while skating with these fixed body shoe skates. They provide freedom of movement in ankles thus suitable for jam skating and speed skating and feature speed style wheels and bearings that allow the user to go faster and longer. If you are looking for professional use, Optimus JJ Jonex Professional Series is your pick.

Perfect for beginners

A high-quality roller skate having a minimum length of 16 cms, extended length up to 21 cms, width - 7 cms, height of foot base - 5 cms, total height - 10 cms, and wheel diameter - 4.5 cms. The high-quality wheel enables a butter smooth-rolling giving an obstacle less experience. It has toe stop brakes for safety and has two clips under the bottom of skates for size adjustment and laces at the front to secure your shoes firmly. The adjustable belts are made of soft material for complete comfort yet are sturdy enough. TITATO Pink Skates are ideal for home & school practicing for age up to 10 years.

Striking colors

A roller skates made of high-quality aluminum metal which makes it sturdy and very safe for kids to use. The smooth synthetic plastic wheels that are light in weight and highly durable ensure a smooth ride and safe for indoor use too as it does not leave any marks on tiles. It has a color combination of neon and black that compliments each other exceptionally well and will make you stand out of the crowd easily. Are ideal for junior as well as senior with adjustment available up to shoe size - 12C-8UK. Cosco Zoomer Sr. has its dimensions around 19.5cm - 26.5cm and is suitable for kids above the age of 8years.

For a wide age range

Adjustable roller skates made of the vinyl material that makes it breathable and powerful and highly durable steel plate molded into a strong and attractive design. It is provided with a toe brake for easy and highly efficient braking and an easy lace tie system with velcro strap closure for extreme stability and control. It features attractive colored wheels and a precise ball bearing which gives you a smooth roll making the whole time extremely enjoyable. If you are looking for roller skates from kings ranging from 6years to 14 years, Jaspo Big Boss Adjustable Quad Roller Skates is the one for you.

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