Best push pin display boards

FP Studio Last Updated:December 11, 2020 12:14:43 IST
Best push pin display boards

Shatterproof acrylic door

If you are looking for a display board that has a transparent cover door, this product is made for you. It is a 45cm x 60cm fabric pin board wherein you can easily post, change and update information without any hassles. It is very easy to be installed on any flat surface, horizontally or vertically as per you wish. Provizon Lockable Cover Notice Board, has been equipped with a shatterproof transparent acrylic door which is lockable and gives complete visibility.

Premium product

A sturdy soft board core having rounded corners with satin finish aluminium frame that makes it 100% wrap free and flat. It is layered with a high quality tear resistant and self healing velvet fabric surface that grips the push pins and keeps them in place along with resisting the formation of holes in the softcore. Pragati Systems Prima Pin-up Display Board having a size of 3ft x 4ft is perfect to be used in schools, colleges and offices.

A set of four boards

A very stylish display board set cut in four hexagons having half-inch thick density premium foam tiles. The hexagonal shape is very space effective and gives the whole space a contemporary look. Each tile is 12 inches big with two hooks provided at the back for hanging. They are flexible, soft, light, frameless and very durable. Marine Pearl Multifunctional Set of 4 Frameless Soft Pin Up Bulletin Board is perfect for office as well as home for display of notice, reminders, or even photos of achievement for motivation.

A very trendy handcrafted product

A multipurpose display board with a very elegant fiber frame having a wooden finish. It had a cork board with self healing adaptive technology that prevents hole formation on the board even after prolonged use of push pins. It effortlessly enhances the decor of any room it is installed in with giving ample space to put on multiple things for display. ArtzFolio Natural Texture Printed Bulletin Board has the dimensions of 12 inches x 12 inches as perfect for any creative space.

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