Best pogo sticks for use by children outdoors

FP Studio June 11, 2021 02:30:08 IST
Best pogo sticks for use by children outdoors

Non slip handle

The Kkmoon-1 Jumping Stilts Fly Jumper Air Kicks is available in two more colors, namely – black and yellow. It comes with foam cotton non-slip handle gloves, providing a good and strong grip. Its spring thickening design makes use of fine quality low carbon steel, which doesn’t supper deformations or fractures. Its anti-slip material is similar to what is used in sports soles and provides for a strong and sturdy anti-slip effect. It is both waterproof as well as rustproof, thus ensuring prolonged life. However, it doesn’t come with a warranty

Pogo stick

The MagicWand Pogo Stick with Digital Smart Counter and Music is ideal for beginners and is ideal to start off thanks to the smart digital counter it has attached to it, that helps you keep a track of the number of jumps your child has taken, making it a fun challenge, especially if your kid likes to compete with his/her friends. This pogo stick can hold up to 65 kgs with absolute ease. It has a foam-covered metal frame bar that not only looks cool but also keeps your child protected from unforeseen injuries.

Squeaky sound with lights

The IRIS Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids is a fun and safe jumping stick, which makes a cute squeaky noise every time your kid jumps, making it exciting for him/her. It comes in the color red and can hold up to 250 pounds with absolute ease. In fact, it has a soft cushiony base, which is why your kid can also play with it indoors, in case playing outdoors isn’t convenient. Also, it has a few cute little led lights on top which light up too, when your kid takes a jump!

Pogo Stick for kids

The ThinkGizmos Pogo Stick for Kids is great for children ages 5 and up. This Aero Advantage model design can handle up to 36kgs easily. It has a user-friendly design that can help your kids and their friends enjoy playing for hours. It comes complete with replaceable anti-slip footpads and safety foam handles to ensure easy handling without help! If you’re looking for a way to build your child’s balance and concentration, this stick with a low friction industrial-strength spring is the ideal thing.

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