Best pocketwatches to enhance your style quotient

FP Studio March 07, 2020 02:48:31 IST
Best pocketwatches to enhance your style quotient

Hogwarts crest

The RainSound Metal Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Theme Vintage Analogue Clock is actually made of high quality alloy case. It is 100% brand new and is of excellent quality. Its dimensions read – 11.5 x 4 x 1 cm. This pocket clock has a precision Japanese quartz movement and can easily be considered an excellent gift for your father, brother and friend. It will not only add class and elan to their overall look, but will also help them standout amongst others!

Quartz movement

The LMP3Creation Quartz Movement Analogue White Dial Men’s Chain Pocket Watch is made of stainless steel and its band colour is metallic. It comes with a free battery. This watch has a trendy antique finish to it with a dad pattern, making it the perfect gift to give to your father, on his special day – or any day for that matter. It has easy to read hands and marker and the case diameter is 45 mm. This bronze classic vintage retro antique pocket watch would be a brilliant addition to any look!

Bronze vintage style

The DK Bronze Vintage Retro Antique Look Victorian Style Paris Eiffel Tower Pocket Watch has a metallic band colour and has a white dial. It has a quartz watch movement and it is a chain pendant type watch. The length of the chain is 15-inches and the case diameter is 28-milimeters. It has easy to read hands and marker. This necklace watch goes well with almost any and every attire you wear and will surely help to make you stand out in the crowd!

Greek design

The Young and Forever Bronze Greek Designer Pocket Watch with Chain Roman Number Dial Pendant Necklace Locket Antique Vintage Gandhi Style Pocket Watch is available in a variety of different styles and are extremely precise as well as durable. You can pair this watch with almost every attire you wear and it is also extremely easy to read, thanks to its distinct hands, which match with the numbers, offering the user a clear and easy reading on the display! This pocket watch can act as an excellent gift, irrespective of the occasion!

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