Best picnic baskets for one day outings

FP Studio January 14, 2021 12:06:03 IST
Best picnic baskets for one day outings

Insulated cooler

The Krevia Oxford folding and collapsible insulated cooler and camping bag has an aluminium membrane foam insulation lining which helps to keep food and drinks either cool or warm for upto a good 4 to 6 hours at the least. It has a large 32-litres capacity and its zipper top ensures there is no food spillage. It has a wide and comfortable rubber grip handle that allows you to carry it either as tote over your shoulder or simply by hand. Thanks to its foldable design, it helps to save ample space too!

Hand woven

The Habere India – All the Cultures Fabricating India straw (that is made after drying grass all the from Manipur) picnic bag is beige in colour and is multipurpose as well, allowing you to store almost anything and everything you’d like – right from baby food, toileteries, food and drinks and the like. The basket is quite spacious, so you needn’t have to worry about running out of space to keep things. It can be considered an excellent alternative to regular plastic baskets which aren’t as durable or long lasting. The bag is quite handy and ideal for whole day outings!

Made of paper ropes

The Paperus Sonas Creation reusable red picnic basket is made of hand woven paper ropes and is rectangular in shape. The product isn’t returnable. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Other than that, the bag is durable, long lasting, resistant to water, flexible and expandable so as to allow you to store extra items. The bag has the ability to hold upto 15 kgs in it. It is very easy to clean, only with the help of a wet cloth. This bag is excellent for all day outings and is sure to come in handy for all.

Knit design

The Primeway Tuffex knitted design multipurpose picnic basket can hold upto 27 litres and comes in the colour latte. It looks extremely stylish and trendy. It has a two way opening, making it extremely easy and convenient to use. The picnic basket is made of plastic and the product comes with a cover too. The product weighs 885 grams. This bag provides optimum durability so you know that it will stand the test of time, even when used roughly. It stores enough for a whole day outing!

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