Best pest control products for a clean home

FP Studio November 27, 2020 10:40:00 IST
Best pest control products for a clean home

All natural

A lizard spray made from natural extracts from certain plants making it pesticide free. It has a combination of pungent smell and nasty taste that repels the lizards. The spray contains a liquid with light lime colour and a strong pungent odour. It has the nozzle which facilitates easy spray in cracks, weep holes, under desks, etc. You are advised to keep the product out of reach of children. Green Dragon's HomGard Lizard Deterrent & Repellent is 100% biodegradable and safe for the whole family.

Eco-friendly product

This spray is specifically made to get rid of termites infestation. It is provided with a straw pipe so that you can easily spray in nooks and crannies where termites reside. The insta-kill formula used in this product’s making not only kills the existing termites but also prevents from future termite attacks increasing the longlastivity o f wooden items and maintaining its quality. You don’t have to worry about the wooden item getting stained as this spray contains colourless transparent liquid. Hence PIDILITE Terminator Wood Preservative Spray is one of the best solutions for termite attacks.

Ultrasonic pest repeller

A ultrasonic pest repeller that works on the hearing and the nervous system of all the insects and rodents, making them feel unpleasant and uncomfortable which forces them to leave your place. It does not release any insecticides, chemicals or poison thus one of the safest ways to be used. A plus point of this device is it is designed in an energy efficient way, thus it has a very low power consumption. IGADG- MAKING LIFE SIMPLE Ultrasonic Pest Repellent works for all types of pests and rodents and is very safe to use even in a small baby’s presence.

LED light at base

This is an electric mosquito racquet made from aircraft grade ABS plastic that makes it very strong and durable. It is designed in an unique way for better coverage in corners and places difficult to reach otherwise. The racquet is provided with an LED at the base which helps to see and kill mosquitoes in dark too. It has a long battery life of 400mAh rechargeable battery that is chagrable upto 200 times and has a standby time up to 1month. If you live in a place infested with lots of mosquitoes, HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet is going to be of your great help.

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