Best perfumes for men

FP Studio October 16, 2020 17:29:06 IST
Best perfumes for men

Woody notes

This fragrance with woody and spicy notes, keeps body odour at bay and lasts long. You can wear it daily and unravel your lethal charisma like a true-blue ‘villain’. It has a hot, distinct, appealing and lingers enough to catch an undivided attention of people around you. The packaging and finish of the bottle is excellent. The aroma and the essence it has makes people love it. The premium fragrance crafted with unique exotic ingredients is for those who need a perfume to last the whole day.

More oils, less alcohol

This one has a romantic fresh fragrance. Spray on after bath, especially on your pulse points, for a long lasting fragrance. It has been crafted specially in Spain and comes in a generous 100ml quantity. It has a mix of more oils and less alcohol. Oils have been blended well and perfume is of good quality. Put on a little and don’t worry about body odour anymore. A cool perfume for buyers who want to go for a pocket-friendly product.

Smells like teen spirit

This perfume is unique because it has been developed by renowned perfumeries in France. It has been made keeping in mind the sensibilities of emerging youth and is a signature scent that celebrates the casual yet intriguing soul. The perfume is available in four variants -- aqua fresh, red, edge and thunder. It is available in a 100ml bottle. The top notes of the perfume are lemon, orange, lavender and mint. Go for this perfume if you need a fresh and fruity smell.

Multifunctional option

This perfume has the best qualities of both deo and a perfume combined in one thus making it one of its kind. It can be used on clothes or body, whichever way one likes. This perfume helps reveal your regal prominence with this precise combination of citrus and oudy fragrance flourished with mesmerising musky notes. This mighty amalgamation will reveal the masculine senses of power and strength of a sharp mind. This two-in-one mix of perfume is the ideal choice for most men who need a top product.

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