Best pepper sprays for women

FP Studio February 06, 2021 20:46:57 IST
Best pepper sprays for women

Unique thumb design

The Healthgenie self-defense pepper spray comes in a 35 gm pack and is effective right up to 10 feet. You can easily carry it with you in your bag or purse and it causes instant inflammation to the eyes. It has a uniquely designed thumb cut dome which helps to guide you even when using it in the dark. The spray nozzle always points towards the attacker's face automatically. The best part is, it’s been tested and certified in threatening circumstances, in government labs, and is also legal to use.

Aluminum build

The GetSuga aluminum devil will cry extra-strong pepper spray is ideal for trekking and police. It is considered the strongest self-defense spray in India and every single bottle is tried and tested before being dispatched. It is up to 200% more powerful than local pepper sprays and works with a single spray as well, causing immense irritation to the attacker. It has the ability to reach up to 12 feet! If you’re looking for the ultimate pepper spray solution, then this is definitely the one you should opt for!

Ultra-strong (Has Oleoresin Capsicum)

The Guardina Ultra Strong women’s self-defense pepper spray provides up to 45 shots and comes in a compact 55 ml pack. It contains oleoresin capsicum which is considered an ultra-strong pepper irritant, making it extremely uncomfortable for the attacker. It has a 12 feet range and can cause a ton of uncomfortable sensations, such as – gagging, gasping, wheezing, dry cough, and burning of the throat and eyes. It has an immediate effect and is so powerful that it can help to distract your attacker long enough for you to escape!

Pointed nozzle

The Impower Agni Self Defense Pepper Spray for Women comes in a compact 55 ml pack and is extremely strong, causing high irritation on the attacker, even with a single spray. It has a pointed nozzle that automatically points towards the attacker’s face, and makes the task easy for you – to directly target the face! It is strong enough to cause coughing and teary eyes, to those standing around your attacker too, in case there are more than one, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable pepper spray!

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