Best OTGs for your kitchen

FP Studio October 23, 2020 08:10:01 IST
Best OTGs for your kitchen

Rust free accessories

This OTG comes with an easy to use digital panel which is perfect for selecting modes, recipes and time, temperature control.  It also has designer knobs to experience the ease and comfort while cooking. All accessories are food graded and rust free which is great for maintenance and cleaning. The opti-temperature technology helps in even distribution of heat resulting in uniform browning of cakes and breads. Coming from the house of Philips, this is one of the best products available and all your needs will be met with this OTG.

Stainless steel body

It comes with a 60-minute timer and enables you to control your cooking requirements. The built-in timer sends you a notification alert once the cooking process is complete. It comes with stainless steel powder coated body and cavity material. The appliance is a durable one and will last you for a lot many years. One of the best things about this OTG is that it comes with a heat-isolated door handle to avoid untoward heat shocks while accessing warm food which makes it extremely easy to operate.

Inside lamp for easy viewing

This OTG is equipped with an inside lamp for easy viewing. The warm function helps keep the food warm for a prolonged duration of time. The OTG has a special wave-wire rack for making tikka-style dishes.The durable body made of stainless steel ensures that the appliance is protected from all stains and moisture. It is a complete package for your kitchen and it comes at an affordable price which makes it totally worth it.

Cook with care

This griller comes with advanced features which are perfect to prepare delicious pizzas, oil free rotis and parathas. It is without a doubt the perfect accessory for your contemporary kitchen. It comes with a toaster griller, full size glass door for better display, drop down crumb tray among several other amazing features. The grill rack and tray handle makes the OTG perfect for various grilling needs. The ergonomically designed handle that stays cool irrespective of the temperature within. Go for this energy efficient OTG, to keep your power bills in check.

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