Best olive oils for your Indian cooking

FP Studio December 14, 2020 15:55:40 IST
Best olive oils for your Indian cooking

The true taste of the Mediterranean

This olive oil comes in a 5litre bottle to ensure that you don't run to the store over and over again. It is organic and does not include any added preservative which makes it perfect for daily consumption. Use it for sautéing, baking, dipping, blending, drizzling, or even in your salad dressing. It has the right thickness, colour, and taste to give your dishes a robust flavour and nutty aroma. Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the true taste of the Mediterranean.

Tried and trusted

This one enjoys its popularity for being one of the most trusted brands for olive oil. You get to experience the rich taste of high-quality olives that are used to create the lightest and richest blend of olive oil. It is rich in vitamin E, has antioxidant properties, and aids to lower cholesterol. Its tin packaging is sunlight- resistant and adds durability for long uses. With a smoke point of 220° C, this one is perfect for sauteing, roasting, shallow frying, deep frying and even baking. Its low absorption level makes it a great addition to any conscious eaters pantry.

Double the benefits

Manufactured in Spain, this one is a blend of authentic olive oil infused with extra virgin olive oil. The infusion makes it a natural source of vitamin E and uses lesser oil for frying that helps lower cholesterol and makes cooking healthy. Rich in antioxidants, it doubles up as a moisturizer for your skin and hair keeping it healthy and nourished. Light in texture and rich in aroma, this one is perfect for Indian cooking and makes for a durable investment for healthy living.

A winner on the health-o- meter

Excellent for frying and deep-frying Indian delicacies, this is a healthier alternative to butter and ghee. Free from trans fats, this oil consists of omega-3 and antioxidants to complement a healthy diet and lifestyle. It lends a mild olive taste and aroma and does not overpower any dish and lets your ingredients shine. For durability - store it away from heat and sunlight and above 4℃ to avoid cloudiness. Available in 1L and 2L quantities, this one is the perfect introduction thigh-quality oil at a steal price.

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