Best noodles for your hunger pangs

FP Studio July 23, 2020 16:56:05 IST
Best noodles for your hunger pangs

Fun and flavourful taste
Are you at home all alone and get food cravings right in the middle of the night? These noodles are for you. This is a brand that is massive in the noodle segment and almost everyone has had it some point in their lives. Each pack of noodle cakes and tastemaker sachets. To get a nice and warm bowl of noodles, just follow the instructions on the pack. Also, if you love experiments, you can customise the snack as your own taste by adding a number of different assortments. This is a sumptuous choice for those hangouts and surprise visits from friends.

Oodles and noodles
This is a ready-to-eat product. It comes with the promise of filling your kitchen with delicious aroma and you can treat yourself to a meal anytime. It gives an invigorating experience to your taste buds. It is 100 percent vegetarian and has dietary fibre which helps digestion. It also comes with a wheat noodle cake and a flavour sachet of real herbs and spices. Get this packet for its unmatched taste.

Everybody loves Ramen
This packet comes with 20 percent more masala. They are non-sticky in texture which will leave you craving for more. There are no added preservatives or monosodium glutamate (MSG). Perfect for those late night workdays, this product is offered by a world renowned brand of noodles. Dig into these noodles, if you are someone who likes to spice up their food.

Fine quality, awesome taste
These are manufactured from the highest quality wheat grains. The company has over four decades as a wheat flour and pasta manufacturer. Extremely easy to cook, this pack of noodles will satiate your hunger. It is easy to cook and the noodles will be ready in around 2 minutes. This product can be used for midnight hunger pangs, evening snacks and instant brunch. You can also pair it with any of your favourite sauces.
And, well, if you love authentic Chinese cuisines, this is what you should opt for.

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