Best noodles for a hearty meal

FP Studio October 16, 2020 12:03:50 IST
Best noodles for a hearty meal

Fortified with iron

This has been a classic Indian snack for many years now. To take your favourite masala taste experience to the next level, this new special masala noodles – a recipe of 20 spices and herbs --
which provides a more redefined experience has been introduced. The good taste also comes fortified with iron and provides 15 percent of your total iron need per day. The pack contains a single noodle cake and a tastemaker. Made with a blend of finely ground and whole spices, and herbs, the all new instant noodles have an extra special and flavourful tastemaker sachet inside.
These spices have been roasted to perfection, providing a distinct aroma and colour to your noodles. If you are looking for a pack of noodles which has stood the test of time, this is the right choice for you.

Easy to prepare

The special chicken flavour noodle comes with sachets of seasoning powder, seasoning oil and chilli powder. This is a special instant noodles variety which has everything right, the taste and even the broth. The combination of seasoning powder, chilli powder and seasoned oil make the chicken flavour noodle really special. The noodles are highly nutritious as it is full of wheat flour (70%) and other nutrients. It is very easy to prepare and just takes a few minutes. The seasoning oil is made of refined palm oil and onion chilli powder. For a great chicken flavour noodles, go for this product.

Great texture

This is a pack of hot and tasty chicken noodles. Once you open the noodle packet, there will be small pouches inside, these are the spices. You can add vegetables to these noodles to further accentuate the taste. Many prefer to eat them with a boiled egg too. It has a very typical korean slightly sweet, very sesame heavy, nori (seaweed) heavy flavour. It gets spicier with each bite and the noodles have a nice bite toi them. There are five noodle cakes in this packet. If spicy is what you like, buy this packet of noodles.

Goodness of real vegetables

This is sure to make for a quick, tasty and wholesome meal for you and your kids. Made with the finest ingredients and the goodness of real vegetables, it has a delicious mix of Indian spices which give it the much loved magical taste. The noodles come packed in a unique round block, which ensures you get long, non-sticky and slurpy noodles every time. Relish them as a tasty snack in the evening, as a wholesome noodle meal which has the right nutrition and a source of Calcium, Vitamin C, Iron Folic acid and Protein. They can be a great midnight craving munch , perfect for when you want something quick to eat. Those who are seeking the best of taste, should consider this product.

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