Best necklace sets for all types of glamorous looks

FP Studio June 23, 2020 01:53:08 IST
Best necklace sets for all types of glamorous looks

For the minimalist in you

Carry the fashionista tag with ease wearing this necklace set. Studded with a beautiful American diamond, the necklace is perfect for a formal meeting or an evening outing. This set is sure to add the oomph quotient in your style and give you a sophisticated look. The classic assortment comes with a necklace, a ring, a bracelet and earrings. The piece is built to match any style – be it a formal suit, salwar kameez or kurta. This is a necklace that is sure to last you long.

Works great with any occasion

You can wear this piece at any wedding or a fancy party. The gold plated jewellery sports a traditional design to match any saree or traditional attire. The American diamond necklace comes with matching earrings to complete the look. Its simplistic design makes it ideal for both young girls and women. Make beauty and fashion a daily part of your life by wearing this necklace set. This is the set you need if you are searching for a traditional design for the next wedding!

Enhance your raw beauty

This temple collection jewellery set can add a spark to any look – be it traditional or modern. The coin necklace and matching earrings set are sure to enhance the feminine elegance in you. The finished product serves as a perfect example of exquisite craftsmanship and delicate design. You do not want to miss the chance to add this pearl studded piece in your collection. Wear it for your next visit to the temple!

Fulfill your aesthetic needs!

This beautiful Australian diamond stone necklace set has been crafted from gold plated metal. The specimen of excellent craftsmanship and intricate design, a number of sparkly Australian diamonds in the necklace add splendour to this already beautiful selection of jewels. The grand allure of this product makes it suitable for a lavish wedding as well as a small gathering. The beautiful necklace is paired with a maang tika and earrings. While the earrings have an identical design, the floral pattern is smaller with a small floret carved around the stud. The maang tika also has a similar pattern as the necklace and earring. The shape of the necklace resembles a choker and fits smugly to your neck, that’s why you can’t ignore this one.

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