Best natural toothpaste for the whole family

FP Studio December 14, 2020 16:48:10 IST
Best natural toothpaste for the whole family

Enriched with Ayurveda

This is one product that easily comes to mind when thinking about holistic ayurvedic oral care. Flavoured and enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like cloves, mint and Tomar that make for an excellent blend for your dental care. This toothpaste provides you and your family protection from 7 dental problems: cavities, gingivitis, plaque, toothache, bad breath, yellow teeth, plus weak teeth and gums. Its red gel formula easily glides onto your brush and promotes healthy teeth and strong gums. Pick this up if you believe in the power of natural ingredients.

For minty fresh breath

This toothpaste is the complete oral detox you need for minty fresh breath. It uses cardamom to create a brown earth paste for your teeth care. Cardamom possesses antimicrobial properties and is used in traditional medicines for centuries to help with dental issues and promote fresh breath. It does not contain any artificial colours and flavours that in general negatively impact the body and makes an extremely safe option for your family. Its use of natural ingredients makes it a great long term choice for people with teeth sensitivity and is designed to be perfectly safe for children too.

A complete oral care solution

This gel toothpaste comes with benefits of 9 herbs that are effective for toothache, dental caries, bleeding gums, tooth decay, toothache and bad breath. A complete oral care solution, this toothpaste uses charcoal that absorbs impurities and counteracts the acids in the mouth that causes tooth decay. To use - rub gently over your gums and then brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes to promote oral hygiene and stronger gums. Its unique taste and aroma for long-lasting freshness. Perfect for your family's dental care with natural effectiveness.

Certified care for dental hygiene

Certified by the Indian Dental Association, this one is one of the most widely used brands in the country. The herbal option made with the richness and medicinal properties of herbs is a great remedy for teeth cavities and oral hygiene. A blend made with natural eucalyptus and tea tree oil along with hints of chamomille, this toothpaste provides a refreshing and stimulating experience. When used daily, brush twice a day for a minimum of two minutes to prevent your tooth from decay, gum disease & bad breath. Perfect for daily use, this toothpaste is 100% vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free

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