Best multipurpose baby blankets for your newborn

FP Studio June 19, 2020 03:00:48 IST
Best multipurpose baby blankets for your newborn

Tuck in your child in the wrapper and be worry-free

Your child will be in safe hands when you roll them up in this blanket. Made up of velvet and soft fleece, the product feels soft and smooth on the surface. Perfect for a baby of up to three months of age, the blanket can be simultaneously used as a wrapper and a sleeping bag. In order to perfectly tuck in the child, the wrapper comes with a velcro attachment. Safety concern of the child is a priority as the blankets have hoods or caps for the baby’s protection.

This blanket doubles up as a bath gown!

Now no need to change blankets before taking the child for bath as this hooded blanket also serves as a bath gown for the baby. Made out of kid-friendly and extremely soft material, the wrapper is super light to encompass your newborn. Each blanket comes with a unique design and colour to suit the child’s temperament. The material used to make the blanket is fleece and soft flannel fabric.

Give your baby the utmost care with high quality blankets

Made to support the delicate skin of a baby, the blanket feels amazingly soft and tender on the surface. Rest assured that your baby will sleep soundly with the plush and large blanket. This blanket will become your child’s partner till they grow up to be toddlers. The large size means it is easily suitable for a child up to 2 years of age. The product can be used as swaddles as well. These can provide warmth to your baby even while placed in an air-conditioned room or during the winters. The quality is top notch as the blanket is made up of microfiber fleece.

Undeniable cuteness in this blanket

The cute bright blanket will take care of your baby and provide them with warmth and care. With its attractive kid friendly design, the product will perfectly suit your child’s colourful bedroom. You would not have to worry much about cleaning the product as it is also low maintenance and can be dry washed or put in the washing machine.
The blanket can double up as a wrapper and is made with soft and comfortable fabric.

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