Best mouthwashes to maintain your oral hygiene

FP Studio July 23, 2020 18:25:44 IST
Best mouthwashes to maintain your oral hygiene

New taste of clean
This mouthwash comes with patented essential oil formulation and it penetrates deep into the mouth and removes bacteria in plaque biofilm. It remains a fact that brushing can miss many germs which can then lead to a number of oral problems. This is where this mouthwash can come in handy as it can remove 99.9% germs. This one provides 24-hour protection against germs so get it for all day protection.

Complete cover
This mouthwash is infused with cardamom and tulsi and provides 100% germ protection. It is an alcohol-free formula and gently cleanses without burning or drying up your mouth. It is advisable to use this twice in one day for total protection against all types of bacteria. Avoid rinsing your mouth with water or eating and drinking for 30 minutes post rinse. It deep-cleanses the entire mouth and is gentle on the gums. Not only this, it also eliminates plaque and ensures a pearly, bright smile. All you have to do is to add this mouthwash to your oral health regime and relax.

Fights bacteria in mouth
This mouthwash is a great way to stop bad breath and it works extremely fast. Bad breath is a common problem and a serious issue. This mouthwash is a vegan and gluten free product. There are no artificial flavours or colours here. It neutralizes sulphur producing bacteria in the mouth and acts against foul smelling morning breath. Also, acts quite well with the smell of food. It is made through a non-acidic formula that ensures that it does not sting or burn.

For healthy gums
This is a top brand when it comes to oral care. The company has been involved in this business for decades and known for its top of the line products. This is a potent mouthwash against germs and has an extra refreshing peppermint flavour. This mouthwash ensures healthier gums compared to a non-antiseptic mouthwash. You will experience an instant blast of freshness and 24/7 control over bad breath with regular use.

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