Best motorized recliners to relax

FP Studio February 08, 2021 21:43:44 IST
Best motorized recliners to relax

Good load capacity

The Lofty Dreams recliner chair comes in the colour brown and is made of wood. It weighs 42 kgs and the height of the seat is 45 cms. The dimensions of this product are – 36 x 39 x 42. Its upholstery is made up of fabric molfino and it is of single-seating capacity. This recliner can hold up to 200 kgs and most importantly, it comes with a one year warranty on the product!

Super Comfortable

The Generic motorized hardwood recliner comes in the colour black and is made of hardwood, as the caption suggests. The dimensions of this recliner are – 95 x 104 x 94 centimetre. It weighs 45 kgs and the frame is made of wood. This recliner can easily be used on a regular basis and thanks to its standard size, you can easily sit on it for hours at a stretch, with the same comfort throughout! This recliner is also quite easy to maintain – you can clean it with a wet cloth and that’ll be more than enough.

For Senior Citizens

The WellNap motorized recliner is designed especially for senior citizens. It comes in a dark brown colour and has a contemporary style. This recliner has an open and close footrest, a generous deep seat, padded arms and backrest, providing unparalleled comfort. Its supreme cushioning can be customised as per your requirements, and thanks to its excellent and durable upholstery, you can be sure that it will last longer too! It doesn’t require any tools nor the services of anyone else to set up and it comes with a 6 months brand warranty, towards any form of a manufacturing defect.

Metal frame

The innovate recliner and motorized chair is available in two other colours, except for brown, which are cream and burgundy. The frame is made of iron and the material of the recliner is wood. The inside of the sofa is made of foam and fibre making it extremely comfortable to sit and relax on. Since it comes pre-assembled, you don’t have to waste time setting it up. The best part is, it comes with a one year warranty on its mechanism as well!

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