Best Montessori toys for kids

FP Studio November 11, 2020 14:20:08 IST
Best Montessori toys for kids

Shape their minds early

This mini-table-like wooden set comes with smallholders that can stack colorful shapes like circles, triangles, squares one etc. on top of the other. Bright and colorful, when kids play with them, they learn about shapes while being entertained and busy for long periods. Meanwhile, you get the time to complete your chores without feeling guilty. This choice is perfect to develop hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. A great learning tool for toddlers until age 4.

Making Math simple

Want your child to be a math genius when he/she grows up? Invest in toys like these that offer endless hours of fun but teach basic calculations at a young age. This 100-piece set is made of high-quality safe acrylics plastic material, has soft edges, and is pretty unbreakable. Toys like these are known to exercise your kid's cognitive ability, teach numbers, and help in learning calculations through the means of color co-ordination using BODMAS symbols. Pick this if you want your child to grow up and love math, perfect kit for kids age 2-4.

Digging in the Alphabets

Children develop motor skills while playing in the sand. An easy alternative for home learning, this kit opens to 26 wooden cards with sandpaper letters pasted on them and stacked on a wooden tray. The sandy texture helps identify capital alphabets co-ordinated to read red for consonants and blue for vowels. A practice used in the ancient time, this modern version of sandpaper letter tracing enables your child to learn the phonetic sounds and association of the sound of the alphabet to its shape. A great pre-writing activity that enhances muscular and textural senses of a kid, introduce this kit to children above the age of 2.

Beads of Wisdom

A great gift for young learners, this Montessori toy set comes in 2D and 3D geometrical shapes that have to be beaded like a necklace for kids to learn mathematical manipulatives. What are mathematical manipulatives you ask? It's a technique that aids in simplifying mathematical concepts to children with hands-on experience. It is known to help children improve visual concentration, inspire creativity, enhance planning skills and equip children to learn math by counting beads. Pick this 30 piece set for children above the age of 3 for an imaginative free play.

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