Best money handling appliances for your counter

FP Studio December 28, 2020 14:41:28 IST
Best money handling appliances for your counter

Fake currency detector

This is a note counting as well as fake currency detector machine. It has an LCD display as well. It has precise detection due to three powerful methods to detect counterfeit Notes. They are UV - ultraviolet, MG - magnetic and IR - infrared; three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome. It is very compatible. It is very efficient. It has a large front facing display. With an easy to read LED screen, changing the operating modes and tracking Note counts is easier. This high speed money counter counts up to 1,000 Notes per minute.

Voice feature

This is note counting and fake note detector with UV light is by USP. It has voice feature. The display colour changes to red when fake note detects in the machine. It counts all old and new denominations of INR- Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000 and detects counterfeit /fake notes as well. The efficiency of the machine is very good and is durable in nature. The counting speed is 1000pcs/min. Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics and multi-function capabilities. The best part of this machine is that it counts all old and new denominations.


This is a UV lamp and white light aided fake note detector. It has a powerful UV light detector (4 W lamp ). It is compact and portable. It traces all types of fluorescent marks. The on/off switch is to be operated Safely as it avoids the UV light shine to your eyes. The machine is also light weight. The device is efficient and the money detection device assists you with the detection of counterfeit banknotes, credit card, travellers cheques, fluorescent stamps & other legal documents. This is a manual detector where you will have to check each note individually.

Cash Drawer

This is a cash drawer by Divinext. It has 5 compartments for bills and 4 for coins. This can make money well organized in the cash register. It is ideal for petty cash, fundraising, garage sales, school cafeterias, etc. This box has two ways for easy organization of cash, coins, or other personal items. This cash box is made from high-quality ABS resin material, is fashionable and comfortable. It is easy to use. The clip has a strong spring and so can press bills firmly and it's easy to fold it up, convenient to use. The cash register insert tray is made of quality plastic, sturdy, lightweight and durable which makes this product a win-win.

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