Best Moisturizing Beauty Bathing Bars

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:49:50 IST
Best Moisturizing Beauty Bathing  Bars

Cool refreshing soap to calm your sense down

Looking out for a hydrating and soothing bathing bar? Pears Soft & Fresh Bathing Bar is the one for you. It contains mint extracts to refresh your skin keeping it soft and fresh along with revitalizing your senses. Your natural moisture is maintained by its 98% pure glycerin and gentle cleansers. It is proven to wash away germs without being harsh to your skin thus can be used as an effective hand wash too. It is mild on skin with 0% paraben making it suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for the whole family

NIVEA Soaps have a Total Fatty Matter (TFM) > 75%, which means that they have a higher cleansing efficacy. The total fatty matter is directly proportional to cleansing efficiency. This gives Nivea an edge over your other cleaning and moisturizing bathing bars. It can be used by men and women or the whole family for that matter, so if you are looking out for family suitable bathing soap, this one is your pick. It’s enriched with glycerin to protect your skin's moisture.

High Moisture Content

Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar, consists of ¼ moisturizing cream, gives you softer, smoother and more glowing skin. Perfect for dry skin type. It does not dry your skin like other soaps, instead with its mild cleansers, helps your skin maintain its natural moisture and replenishes your skin’s lost nutrients thus leaving a healthy skin. Owing to its mild cleansers, it is suitable for everyday usage on face, body and hands.

The complete care

This bathing bar hydrates and moisturizes your skin giving it a glow. It has antimicrobial properties and is a great solution to blackheads, acne and skin allergies. It cures skin itching, removes tan and detoxifies the skin making it smooth, soft and radiant. Santoor Almond Soft is perfect for your modern lifestyle with all its goodness of Almond Milk and Sandal along with its long lasting fragrance. Sandalwood being ages old beauty ingredient removes blemishes and smoothes the skin and almond nourishes and restores the youthfulness of your skin.

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