Best mobile holders to work hands free

FP Studio August 20, 2020 15:05:10 IST
Best mobile holders to work hands free

Rubber padded to give firm grip

This mobile stand holder is made from metal and has a black matt finish with the dimensions of 9.3cms X 9.1cms X 8.6cms making it eligible not only for any sized mobile phones but also tablets. It has a very steady and robust build. The points of contact of the stand with the device are padded with rubber to prevent any kind of damage that can be caused by the metal stand to your device and hold it steady. The base of the holder is equipped with rubber studs to give it a firm grip making it anti-slip. If you are looking for a mobile holder for your desk YT Mobile Phone Metal Stand/Holder for Smartphones and Tablet is a must buy for you.

Drive without any worries

If you are looking out for a mobile holder to be placed in your car, ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal Long Arm, Windshield for Smartphones, is the product for you. This mobile phone holder has a Telescopic arm that gives you 2 inches more closer look at your device.It firmly holds your device so you no longer need to worry about damaging it and can fearlessly. It has two steps easy locking system and redesigned bottom to give you easy access to all the ports of your device. The full adjustable 360 degree rotation makes it ebay to have both - landscape and portrait view.

Mount securely with claw-grip

This holder features a claw grip design to securely mount your device without hiding any ports, giving an easy access. It is adjustable to all sizes from 4.0 inches screen to 6.5 inches screen. The holding claws operate with a knob which you can rotate and adjust it to the size of your device ensuring your device will never fall off. If you are in need of a mobile holder for your bike, scooter or cycle, BOBO Claw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof Bike/ Motorcycle/ Scooter Mobile Phone Holder Mount is the best buy for you.

Non-toxic eco-friendly holder

This phone holder is designed to be attached to the wall. It gives your mobile a safe dock while charging to mount it on your kitchen wall which allows you to easily watch and cook delicious dishes. STRIFF Wall Mount Phone Holder with Adhesive Strips can be mounted on 6 various surfaces, namelingly wooden, tile, wallpaper, lime wall, glass and metal.It is compatible with almost all the mobiles and comes in a set of two. It also has a built-in non-slip pad and charging wire organizer to eliminate the tangled wire mess. The plastic use for manufacturing is ABS plastic which is non-toxic and heat resistant.

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