Best mobile holders to make your car drive easy

FP Studio December 17, 2020 12:15:39 IST
Best mobile holders to make your car drive easy

Long Neck mobile phone holder

This CQlek mobile phone holder has a suction base to stick to the front glass of the car. Whether you place the phone on the dashboard or front glass, the new 180-degree extendable arm of the mobile phone holder makes it easy to access your phone. With a 360-degree rotatable cell phone holder you can use the phone at any angle comfortable for you. It locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger. It is also reusable (infinite times) as it restores to original mint condition after rinsing with water & air drying.

Rear mirror mount

The phone holder is designed to attach it to the rear view mirror. SPYKART car mount comes with an easy one touch mounting system, which locks your phone when you place your phone mount. The head can rotate 360-degree, and you can set your phone vertical or horizontal as per your requirement. The holder can be used by a variety of smartphones. It also has a two step vacuum locking lever for better suction on different surfaces. Other car mounts come with support at bottom which is not much friendly for charging or using AUX pin in the phone. This car mount comes with easy access design to charging and 3.5 mm jack. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Universal mount holder

The Owme Adjustable Holder is an easy to mount car holder which is adjustable and has 360-degree rotation access. It facilitates 360-degree rotation, with this you can easily have a look on your phone, in any way. It has been used super sticky gel pad sticks which ensures a stronger grip with many surfaces. The spaces are given in the bottom and upper side of the holder allows you to easily use ports of the phone. It has a durable structure and it is easy to use. Its telescopic arm allows you to take a closer look at your device. It can be used on any phone and is universal.

Clamp car vent holder

Now you can drive safely while viewing directions on the Google Map or can talk on speaker phone. You do not have to hold the phone in your hands anymore. The Portronics Mobile holder is light weight and easy to use. It is universal and made for all the phones. It has a six month warranty. The patented one-click release button technology and adjustable side grips to accommodate your device, it’s extremely easy to mount and UN-mount the phone from the cradle. So your AC vent will not dictate and decide which car mobile holder you should buy. It can be conveniently used by anyone.

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