Best milk chocolates bars for every chocoholic

FP Studio August 25, 2020 09:59:17 IST
Best milk chocolates bars for every chocoholic

A Swiss bar with almonds chunks
Feel the pure bliss of soft and delicious Swiss milk chocolate that melts into a smooth and creamy taste with the twist of crunchy almond chunks. Lindt Swiss Classic Bar Chocolate, Almond, a vegetarian friendly bar with gently roasted almonds along with the Swiss chocolate gives an exclusively rich taste. It is perfect for special events, birthday parties, a movie night out or great for a day you just want to chill, kick back and unwind.

Turkish Hazelnut delicacy
A rich delicacy of hazelnut making every bite of yours nuttier than before with Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Hazelnut Chocolate Bar. The inclusion of crunchy Turkish hazelnuts in the otherwise smooth and silky chocolate adds to its texture and compliments it beautifully. The rich taste of the delectable smooth and creamy milk chocolate with hazelnut flavour will brighten up your mood and sweeten moments. If you love your chocolate bar with hazelnut flavour, you should definitely try this chocolate bar.

A delicious soft yet nutty bar
The soft and sweet taste of raisins, combined with the Swiss milk chocolate, topped off by very crunchy almonds along with the sweet honey drizzle provide for an extremely rich experience. The beautiful aroma, texture and taste is bound to appease all of your senses. A very famous and distinct triangular shaped bar with easy break of individual bites for all the Swiss chocolate lovers. Toblerone Raisins and Honey and Almond Chocolate Bar has a very snackable size of 100g. It’s the mix of chocolate and nuts that you can use to cheat on your diet.

A perfect blend of sweet and salty taste
Milk chocolate itself is smooth, luscious and sweet, but when combined with the wonderful saltiness of salted caramel, it ascends to a whole other level of delight. The two tastes complement each other perfectly, their blend resulting in one of the most unique tastes ever. This is the perfect chocolate for someone who's into unconventional tastes, or someone looking for a milk chocolate that isn't exactly sugar sweet.

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