Best Microfiber Cloths For Easy Dusting and Cleaning

FP Studio November 18, 2020 00:45:45 IST
Best Microfiber Cloths For Easy Dusting and Cleaning

Sustainable and effortless cleaning
At 30cmx30cm this pack of 4 microfiber cloths are the perfect size for everyday cleaning as well as carrying with you without them occupying much space. The cloth does not need any cleaning products for it to make any surface spic and span which makes it eco-friendly as well. The cloth can be used dry and wet both, depending on what you’re cleaning. Even when it comes to tough dirt, the microfiber cloth doesn’t need you to exert any force as the threads attract all the dirt with the lightest brush. If you’re looking for an option that makes cleaning hassle-free, then you should go for this product.

Large-sized for efficient cleaning
Designed for superior water absorption, this microfiber cleaning cloth does not leave any water marks behind on any surface. The fibers themselves are truly soft and trap dust like a magnet, at the same time the cloth ensures it does not scratch or shed any lint for a professional finish. The cloth is extremely durable and lasts more than 100 washes without a doubt. The pack of 4 comes in pairs of 2 blue cloth and 2 yellow cloths so you can dedicate either pair for wet and dry cleaning so it's easy to remember. In case you’re looking for something premium, that not only cleans your home but also feels good in your hands, then this product is for you.

Gives a great cleaning experience
Made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent nylon, this cleaning cloth gently lifts the dirt and traps it within its threads like a magnet until you wash it off. The cloth is ultra-soft and truly absorbent, giving you a good cleaning experience. You can use it not just for dusting at home, but also for wiping your daily crockery, cleaning your gadgets and also your car. Designed even for heavy usage, the cloth can carry almost 8 times its own weight in water so you can get rid of even the toughest stains with absolute ease. Get this product for its ultra-soft fine fibers that will ensure your home stays clean and hygienic.

Keeps your home clean and clear
With 4 pieces of sized 40cmx40cm, this340 gsm cleaning cloth is exactly what you need for a multi-purpose cleaning. Not only does this clot dust your shelves or clean your dining table and crockery, but can also perfectly clean your windows and mirrors with its streak-free technology. Made with the finest fibers, this cloth does not leave any lint behind so your glassware can stay perfectly clear. The cloth is truly soft and will not leave behind any scratches even when you're cleaning delicate surfaces like silverware or mobile phone screens. You should consider getting this product for its streak-free and scratch-free cleaning.

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