Best mayonnaise for rich flavours

FP Studio November 11, 2020 00:26:46 IST
Best mayonnaise for rich flavours

Super saver pouch

The packet has a neutral and adaptable taste to make that perfect sandwich. It comes in a super saver pouch that can be sealed to lock the freshness and for spill-proof repeated use. The rich texture makes everyday food saucy, creamy and juicy. The vegetarian mayonnaise is free from cholesterol and trans fat. The sauce can be used for a variety of western dishes like burgers, wraps, quick white sauce for macaroni and sandwich. It has rich creaminess, thickness and can be combined to make various sauces. Go for this if you want to add texture to your western cooking.

Versatile usage

This eggless mayonnaise sauce is a miracle ingredient that makes everything taste better. No colour, preservatives are added while preparing this cream. This eggless mayonnaise is versatile in nature and can be used as a sandwich spread or filling for wraps. The thick creamy texture makes for a mouth-watering dish. The sealable pouch preserves the product integrity and is user friendly. It tastes fresh and comes in an interesting tangy and sweet flavour. Buy this if you prefer to cook an array of western dishes and want the best of taste in your mayonnaise.

With sunflower oil

This premium vegetarian mayonnaise made with sunflower oil is creamy, rich and smooth in texture. It is sure to add a flavourful touch to everything you add it to. It comes in a user-friendly capable pack, easy to apply. Spread it on your sandwich, use it as a filling for your wraps or use it as a dip for tandoori items for a flavourful blast. For more natural ingredients in your mayonnaise, go for this one.

Great for Indian cuisine

This 100 percent vegetarian combo pack of mint mayonnaise and tandoori mayonnaise is sure to make for a great spread for all tandoori dips and roti-wraps too. The mint mayonnaise comes in a user-friendly plastic bottle, just squeeze and relish your dish. The tandoori mayonnaise is available in a plastic jar for a scoop experience to all your favourite dishes. Use it to make mouth-watering Indian flavoured dishes including paneer tikka sandwiches. The mint mayo is 78 percent fat free. If you are looking to treat your senses with a flavourful twist, then your search ends here.

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