Best lotions to get rid of dandruff from your scalp

FP Studio July 20, 2020 14:47:15 IST
Best lotions to get rid of dandruff from your scalp

This one is paraben-free

Coming to you from one of the most trusted brands, this dandruff clear lotion nourishes your scalp and rejuvenates the roots in the most natural way. Enriched nutrients leave your hair soft and healthy, preventing hair loss. For best results, Apply this lotion in the night all over the scalp and wash with this shampoo the next morning.

The best part about this dandruff-free lotion is that it is free from synthetic chemicals or preservatives like paraben, thus keeping both your scalp and the environment safe. This is what you need to stop hair fall that has been a cause of worry.

Treats extreme cases

If you are struggling with an extreme case of dandruff, look no further. This product is designed to deal with dandruff sustainably and effectively. It is dermatologically tested and has a proven track record. It combines the power of multiple anti-dandruff actives which work in synergy to combat dandruff effectively. With this product, you will have protection against new dandruff formation from the first wash itself. It will relieve you of itchiness and irritation and leave a visibly clearer scalp that is relaxed and healthy. A premium offering from a great line of hair products comes with the promise of performance and will help you achieve your objective of the dandruff-free scalp in no time.

Gives itch-free scalp

This lotion is free from artificial fragrance and derives its soothing aroma from natural essential oils, leaving you all refreshed after a good hair wash. The product is also free from any harmful ingredients or chemical preservatives. This lotion for severe and stubborn dandruff is fortified with ingredients. What you get is an effective solution that works beautifully for all hair types and can be used by just about anybody.

Controls dandruff formation

This dandruff control lotion is enriched with seaweed extracts. It nourishes the scalp, protects it from flaking and restores its health. It contains Vitamin B5 which provides moisture back into your skin and prevents dryness, leaving the scalp gentle and mild. Use it daily and feel the difference. It is an affordable product that solves the dandruff problem. It is the ideal lotion if you want something that is mild and gentle on the skin.

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