Best lotion for babies

FP Studio October 19, 2020 12:49:10 IST
Best lotion for babies

The gentlest of products

The baby lotion contains natural colloidal oatmeal blended with rich emollients to soothe your baby's delicate, dry skin. The naturally nourishing, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, moisturiser for a full 24 hours, and can be used every day to help keep your baby's skin soft, smooth and healthy. It's designed to be gentle enough for newborns. What’s even better, is that the lotion is hypoallergenic, meaning not likely to cause an allergic reaction when touched, or used. This is a top quality product for all the skin needs of your child. A must-have to nourish the baby’s skin.

With antimicrobial properties

Enriched with almond oil and olive oil, this quick absorbing daily use lotion nourishes and provides long-lasting moisture to your baby's delicate skin. Regular use keeps your baby's skin soft, supple and protected. The lotion has antimicrobial properties that protects your child from multiple infections. It uses licorice, which is yet another anti-inflammatory and anti-germicidal herb that keeps your baby's skin cool and relieves it from itching, swelling and redness efficiently. As your baby's skin is cleansed daily, it should be protected with a light and gentle baby lotion. Apply smoothly, without forgetting the neck and behind the ears. Buy this lotion for its natural goodness and long-lasting affect.

A trusted name

When a baby is born, her skin is most delicate. That's why they need a lotion that is super gentle and gives her that best care. This lotion slows down moisture loss by hydrating skin, locking in moisture and creating a protective barrier to keep moisture in and dryness out. Each ingredient used in the lotion has been tested for over 12 months and then perfected for use. It has no parabens, sulphates or artificial mix. This clinically proven long lasting formula continuously protects the baby’s skin for up to 24 hours, keeping it feeling healthy and baby soft. An all-rounder for all the skin needs of the baby.

Improves skin texture

This baby lotion contains natural emollients such as sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and a blend of shea butter and glycerin to moisturise and protect your baby's delicate skin. This mineral oil free and hypoallergenic formula hydrates, softens and nourishes. It is dermatologically tested and has an excellent proven track record. The hypoallergenic formula is allergy tested to be safe on baby's skin and pH balanced to be gentle enough for daily use on a new-born’s delicate skin. It is a non-irritating and non-sensitising lotion. It is non greasy and helps soften and improve skin's texture. All reasons to bag this product.

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