Best liquid detergents for top-loading washing machines

FP Studio December 30, 2020 12:46:30 IST
Best liquid detergents for top-loading washing machines

For a fresh-scented stain fighter
With a powerful formula that’s gentle on your clothes, this liquid is great for tackling tough stains. Recommended by Washing machine manufacturers across the world, you don’t have to second guess yourself when buying this detergent. Formulated to protect coloured clothes in just one wash, it also dissolves quickly leaving behind no residue. We love that this two-litre jug comes with a handy cap that makes measuring convenient and redirects drips back into the bottle. With a pleasing scent, the mild fragrance keeps your clothes smelling fresh throughout the day. If you’re looking for an excellent laundry detergent that protects while it cleans, your search ends here.

Environment-friendly laundry gel
Ideal for all kinds of materials, this washing detergent uses biodegradable ingredients that make it safe for the environment. Using specially formulated stain-fighting enzymes, you get spotless and odour-free clothes every time. Its gel-like formulation helps you effortlessly remove dirt and set-in stains while caring for the fabric.
Since you only require two capfuls per wash, this reasonably-priced five-litre pack will meet your laundry needs for several months. Dissolving completely in water, it efficiently removes stains and grime from your clothes while also prolong the life of your washing machine. For a safe liquid detergent that’s easy on your pocket, we recommend buying this one.

For professional-looking results
When it comes to laundry detergents, this one’s all-round performance doesn’t disappoint. Guaranteeing 100% stain removal when used in washing machines, this detergent uses powerful cleaning technology to quickly penetrate stains and eliminate stains without needing additional scrubbing. Being water-soluble, you won’t have to worry about detergent stains and residue on your clothes or your washing machine’s tub. Designed to produce an optimum foam for an ideal balance of cleanliness and machine care, this detergent helps prevent scaling in your machine and makes sure the pipes don’t choke. For a liquid that cares for your clothes and washing machine, this one has our vote.

For a premium washing experience
With well-balanced ingredients, this detergent helps keep your favourite clothes as soft and bright as the day you bought them. We love that you can use this liquid for all kinds of washing machines and even for handwashing clothes. Effectively elimination odours, your clothes come out of the wash smelling fresh, with a pleasing and mild fragrance. This liquid’s specially developed formula, produces little foam, giving you the best wash quality while protecting your machine from damage. What’s more, you can wash your clothes guilt-free as this detergent is guaranteed to be 100% safe for the environment. For an exceptional detergent that’s easy on your clothes and the environment, pick this one.

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