Best lip balms for for supple, hydrated lips

FP Studio November 05, 2020 00:17:44 IST
Best lip balms for for supple, hydrated lips

Goodness of strawberry seeds

This product keeps your lips hydrated. It even takes care of the sides of your lips that often are missed out by other lip balms. This product consists of the goodness of butter and strawberry seed oils. The strawberry seed oils provide the appropriate amount of moisture and minerals to keep your lips supple and do not let them get oily. To make your lips look naturally amazing, invest in this lip balm.

Restores elasticity

This sweet, juicy saffron lip balm replenishes and softens dry and chapped lips. It nourishes them and keeps them moist. This lip balm includes the goodness of saffron which not only helps in getting the natural colour of your lips back but also gives it a youthful glow. This lip balm also consists of the goodness of cocoa and kokum butter which restores the elasticity of the skin and helps the skin of your lips absorb the lip balm. If you are looking for a lip balm that easily keeps dryness at bay, , this lip balm is the one to go for.

Wear it anytime

This lip balm is a real value for money and you can carry around throughout the day. This balm restores lip fullness for a voluptuous, bee stung look. It can be used under lipstick as well as on bare lips. This lip balm includes the goodness of sesame seeds, almonds and Indian berries which prevents your lips from drying and clears them of impurities. For buyers who want soft and smooth lips, this here is a great option.

Rejuvenates skin

This lip balm is made up of original beeswax, coconut and almond. The aura of coconut and the essential oils protect your lips from the unwanted bacteria and toxins. The almond keeps the lips nourished and promotes rejuvenation of the skin while the coconut oil heals the breakouts and takes care of the moisture requirement. This lip balm is non-sticky and keeps roughness away. For a herbal and non-sticky formula, go for this one.

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