Best juicer mixer grinders for kitchen

FP Studio July 23, 2020 16:55:34 IST
Best juicer mixer grinders for kitchen

Living made easy

This mixer grinder comes with a 450-watt powerful motor and has 3 jars. The juicer mesh is made of stainless steel and has an anti-drip spout. It has the power to continuously grind and prepare juices for 30 minutes at a stretch. The machine is 100% food grade safe. It cleverly combines the functions of a blender, grinder, mixer, smoothie maker, and even juicer in a single unit. This is the ideal budget device for your kitchen.

Save time and labour

This juicer mixer grinder will help forget all your worries of preparing food. It has a fruit filter and sliding spout which provides smooth and lump free juice. The sliding spout helps in serving. It has an especially designed stainless steel sieve for the juicing process. You can also use the device to make tempting chutneys. It comes with 3 jars: a chutney jar, a blender jar and a multi-purpose jar. Made of polycarbonate material, the jars are break resistant. The speed controlling regulator of the mixer has three speed options with LED indicator. One can regulate the speed according to convenience. Buy this model for its multiple features.

Very strong blades

Get this product as the super-fast motor and sharpest steel blades break-down the food completely, extracting all nutrients. When these juices are consumed, they help the body to absorb nutrients in the fruits and vegetables much better. It can also be used for dry-grinding the hardest spices like garam masala, jeera, etc as the blades are quite strong. There are no multiple and complicated attachments. Two jars and blades do all of it – quick functioning, no buttons. These unbreakable poly-carbonate jars allow you to see exactly what's happening inside. This is a top appliance in a stylish and efficient design. Go for it.

Quality Ensured

This mixer grinder comes with 500-Watt power and is best-equipped to give you wonderfully smooth results in seconds and also enhances the beauty of your kitchen. You can grind coffee, spices, nuts in this very appliance. The high grade nylon couplers in it ensure hassle-free operations. This multi-purpose appliance is ergonomically designed with a compact body and sleek design. The jars are easy to clean with wide mouths for optimum cleaning accessibility. This can be the perfect addition with its strong and durable body.

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