Best horn sets for cars

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Best horn sets for cars

For all cars

A type two horn that takes in around 12 volts of power to function. It has a low tone of around 6 ampere which is the maximum frequency in the low tone 400 Hz and high tone 500 Hz. The sound pressure is at 110 dB and the resistance at 3 m/ ohm min. The type of sound provided is trumpet and the harmonic dimension of the horn is 82 mm. You are advised to Mount horns on the sturdy part, facing forward to enable propagation of sound in the direction of travel. SELLCOM Universal Winstone Horn is perfect for every passenger car, SUVs, and commercial vehicle.

Heavy sound

A heavy sound-producing r-type horn in a set of two. It is based on the new horn technology - ms-core. It produces excellent quality sound with stabilized decibel frequency which helps you get your way out of the traffic jam areas. The horn is made of high-quality plastic and metal that is highly long-lasting and is easy to install having a voltage of 12V, frequency of 410/510hz, decibel level 95dB. A2D Heavy Sound Super Type R Car Horn (Set of 2) that is waterproof is perfect for New Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire.

18 different sounds

A car horn will not only get you the side for overtaking any vehicle but will also make your vehicle a head-turner whenever you will blow it on the road. This easy-to-fit horn has been enhanced with 18 different sounds in one horn that makes it a head-turner product. Having a dimension of 50mm x 50mm x 50mm it is easily fitted into any space. If you are looking for a horn to be installed in a Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Motorway Mocc 18 in 1 Digital Tones Car Magic Horn Set Of 2 is the best buy for you.

High quality diaphragm

A pack of two horns made of plastic and metallic material that uses electromagnetic signaling for sound and relies on better functioning. It uses a 12V voltage and a current of ampere with a low tone of 410 Hz and a high tone of 510Hz. When attaching the horn, you are advised to ensure to use a stable location on the bumper or vehicle body. To avoid voltage drop, a relay must be used in a splash-proof position, with the terminals pointing downwards. If you are looking for a horn to be used in Hyundai Creta, Auto Hub Sanai Car Horn is the one for you.

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