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Stick With The Right Choice

Made up with nice material and attractive designing, the Sunley Junior Hockey Stick is ideal for kids learning the ropes of the game. It’s made of solid wood, and feels potent in a player’s hands, with it’s durable build quality. That’s why, whether your junior hockey star is weaving a web around defenders on grass fields or on astro turf, this stick will ensure they also have the confidence to deliver their best performance. It’s perfect for young ones to start practicing their hockey game and kickstart their sporting life. Buying this is a no-brainer for kids, really!

Aiming For Perfection

Junior hockey players can’t get a better stick than the The ALFA AX1 Hockey Stick. With its unique composite design, this stick allows players to step up their pace and intensity, without causing excess fatigue. Its construction with 10% Carbon and 10% Kevlar, plus 80% fibreglass, yields a stick which will not buckle in any playing condition, and will last long. The dimensions of the ALFA AX1 Hockey Stick makes it perfect for training and practice purposes, with a length of 37 inches. Now juniors can practice and perfect passing and shooting skills with ease.

Score At Will

The Flash Hockey Stick represents the best qualities of wooden hockey sticks. With a body made of wood, paired with a fibre grip, this stick gives players an intuitive control over the ball. All materials used in the construction of this stick are top notch, meaning there will never be a moment when the stick doesn’t reinforce a player’s confidence on the pitch. Its design is optimized to give players great handling abilities, and help make their passing and shooting moves more instinctive. After all, these are exactly the skills every junior hockey player needs to learn. .

Stay In Control

This hockey stick is ideal for kids above 5-12 years of age. It is made of solid wood and has a perfect finish for a stronger grip. Ideal for grass fields, the stick has the capacity for optimum performance. It has a strong leather grip for better control. This Field Hockey Stick is designed to give players greater ball control and allow them to improve their dribbling skills, making it perfect for younger players. They can get out and hit the ground running with this stick in their hands.

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