Best heat guns to get work done easily

FP Studio March 24, 2021 01:40:04 IST
Best heat guns to get work done easily

Household use

A classy power tool that has a motor power of 1800 watts, voltage 230V, temperature of 400-degree Celsius and 550 degree celsius giving an airflow rate of 550l/min and 750l/min. It has a pistol grip handle that is designed ergonomically for extended use. It boasts of superior performance owing to its spherical nozzle, and fabulous safety features during operations. The JUNKYARD Electronics Plastic 1800 Watts Hot Air Gun is perfect for shrink wrapping, stripping paint, lighting barbecues, thawing frozen water pipes, loosening rusted nuts and bolts.

Efficient operation

A plastic heat gun has a powerful motor of 1800 watts creates the required airflow and temperature to get the work done. It has three different temperature choices - 60-degree celsius, 350-degree celsius and 550-degree celsius that facilitate various applications. The heat isolation cap ensures the safety of the user from the high heat and is provided with overheat protection in case of airflow blockage. This highly durable Bosch GHG 180 Plastic Heat Gun gives 500 hours of continuous operation and is perfect for shrink wrapping, removing dents and shaping PVC pipes.

Heavy power

A heat gun having a very high power motor of 2050 watt, two different operating temperatures of 420 degrees celsius and 560 degrees celsius. It is made up of copper elements that is a good conductor of electricity, very quickly heats up and is ready to use without wasting much of your time in getting the gun ready to start any process. The whole build of this Inditrust 2050 Watt Professional Hot Air Heat Gun is quite rugged and perfect for industrial use. You are advised to keep this heat gun away from children and not to be used on electronics as it can cause serious damage.

Ideal for households

If you are someone who loves taking care of the maintenance of your home by yourself that includes you doing the decor, painting and varnishing from time to time, this heat gun is made for you. It features an ergonomically designed pistol grip which reduces fatigue while operating for long hours. It delivers a powerful output of 1800 Watts. This provides heated air with a temperature of up to 550°C and an airflow rate of up to 750 L/min. The nozzle provided to BLACK+DECKER KX1800 Speed Heat Gun is engineered to operate at extremely high temperatures without changing its shape and ideal for household applications.

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