Best hand mixers to make cooking and baking easier

FP Studio April 01, 2021 20:20:05 IST
Best hand mixers to make cooking and baking easier

Value for money

A mixer with a 250W motor that ensures effortless and fast blending. This mixer has a nice black shiny finish with a stylish design and 3-speed controls - fast, medium and low for efficient kneading, mixing, beating and whisking. The dough hooks and beater attachment gets attached and detached from the main body by a very simple mechanism working on one button push. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer is a perfect buy for students or bachelors who live alone.

Easy to use

A mixer having a nice rounded body making it easy to reach buttons and a slanted handle which offers a very comfortable grip to the user giving complete control over the mixing process. This mixer has a heavy-duty power of 800 watts that gives powerful processing saving time and energy thus you have to invest just half or even less than half the amount of energy usually required with this mixer. Skytone 800-Watt Hand Mixer has 5-speed controls and is best for anyone who’s looking for a mixer to be used commercially.

Ensures safety

A powerful 150-watt mixer blender featuring a copper motor that guarantees its excellent performance respectively and long activity. It has been provided with in-built overheating protection that automatically shut down the machine whenever overheating takes place thus ensuring the safety of the user and simultaneously the product too. KENT Hand Blender mixer has 5 different speed levels to control the process and turn out to be best for anyone who has less time for cooking.

7-speed hand mixer

A hand mixer crafted very intelligently keeping in mind all the needs and reasons a mixer is required for. It is provided with seven different speeds to help with all kinds of mixing, stirring, beating and whipping. The two sets - the pair of traditional chrome beaters and a pair of whiskers are provided for smooth functioning. A distinguishing feature is a groove that allows you to rest the mixer on the bowl to prevent any kind of mess from being created. RAKITIC Multifunctional Hand Mixer is a perfect buy for anyone who likes to cook.

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