Best grain basmati rice for daily meals

FP Studio December 14, 2020 16:08:24 IST
Best grain basmati rice for daily meals

Aged to perfection

This aged basmati rice has pearlescent white grains that do not stick to each other or break when cooked. To check the age of your rice, there is a marking behind every pack, there are two coloured pyramids drawn on the instruction side of the packing to guarantee you a minimum of 1 year ageing process. They are slender and have just the perfect elongation for your biryani and pulaos. To ensure that you get the right texture and elongation, soak the uncooked rice in lukewarm water 30 minutes before cooking. This will ensure that when cooked the grains will elongate two-three times in size. A great choice to add richness to your daily meals.

Straight from the himalayan paddy’s

One of the finest basmati rice, this option enjoys its popularity for its smaller size. It is sourced from local farmers of the Himalayan region to maintain its unique quality of size, texture and aroma. It promises a sweet taste and rich aroma as each grain is naturally aged. The ageing process of this rice gives it a fluffy, straight, separated and non-sticky feature. Specially processed for daily cooking across a multitude of regular dishes, the short grains are a great alternative to your regular rice.

Shelf life for bulk storage

The flavoursome basmati rice is specially aged to give it the best basmati characteristics. When cooked, the rice is fluffy and long grain. The grains do not stick to each other and make it a perfect choice for simple rice preparation or even everyday dishes like jeera rice, fried rice, kheer, khichdi etc. Soaking uncooked rice for 20-30 minutes in cold water will give you the best results. The shelf life is for 24 months and is perfect for families you like to store their grains in bulk.

For an aromatic dining experience

This variant comes in and 5kg bags to help you pick basis of your daily consumption. Its long slender grains have a unique sweet earthy aroma that enhances your dining experience when cooked. Before cooking, rinse the uncooked rice three times with regular water and soak it in for twice the amount of water for at least 15minutes. The rice takes 10-13 minutes of cooking time when added to a boiling pot of water. Ideal for dishes prepared regularly in households like pulao, khichdi, biryani & steam rice.

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