Best glitter glue for 5-year-olds

FP Studio November 11, 2020 12:13:46 IST
Best glitter glue for 5-year-olds

Great quality with easy flow tip

These bold glittery colours are a great way to introduce your child into the exciting world of arts and craft. These six shades of shimmering goodness add an extra touch of glamour and pop to any project. The narrow tip makes it easy to control the flow of the glitter and aids in crafting minute details without having to worry about the mess. Pick this up if you are looking for glitter glues that are easy on your pocket with a fun variety of colours.

Washable for easy clean up

This option is packed with glitter glue and dotted with chunks of shimmer.
Made with just the right consistency, this one is perfect for arts and crafts without the mess of loose glitter. The glue cleans easily of hands for hassle-free artwork. Encourage your toddler to hold it like a pen for a better grip and controlled flow. Created with parents and teachers in mind, these bold and vibrant glitter tubes can be used for poster colouring, school projects, drawings and even in slimes. Pick this one if you want a safe-to-use product that fits perfectly in your toddler's tiny hands.

Bold Ideas need bold colours

The attractive and colourful packaging of these glitter glue bottles is a perfect tool to spark your child's imagination. The shiny formula comes with the right amount of glitter-to-glue ratio in every squeeze. Easy to dry, layer it up for a thicker application to embellish everything from paper to hair clips in a jiffy. These bottles come with a generoud amount of glitter glue and make it easy to share since there's plenty to go around. Pick this up if you want to keep your children busy for long hours.

Squeezable sparkly fun

A gentle squeeze is all it takes to create an expressive craft with these glitter glue pens. It comes in six shades - silver, gold, green, red, pink, and blue. These assorted sets of glue sticks have a comfortable grip that dispenses small amounts of glue and will easily stick to paper, cardboard, fabric, foam sheets and more. The generous quantity will last more than just a few art projects. Its glistening shimmers gives a great pop to almost any school project and is ideal for kids aged three and up.

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