Best glass top gas stoves to make your kitchen look classy

FP Studio June 14, 2020 13:41:40 IST
Best glass top gas stoves to make your kitchen look classy

Longevity was never this stylish

Make the correct choice of selecting this gas stove for a marvelous cooking experience. With its slim glass top, the stove is going to last you years. The pan comes with the support of flame guard protection so that the glass design remains good as new always. The stove has three burners of different sizes to suit all your cooking needs. While one burner is of the small size, the other two are of medium and large size so that you can heat up food in any container of your choice.

Cooking would be more interesting than it ever was with this durable gas stove, that will stand the test of time.

With anti-skid feet comes greater control

Enjoy cooking on this beautiful black toughened glass top of the gas stove. Being wary of heat is now a forgotten thing as the knobs have been designed ergonomically. This is aided by nylon cover on them that is a great way to protect you from heat shocks. The stove comes with anti-skid feet for greater stability. What tilts the scales in favor of this gas stove is that it is equipped with four burners.

Jumbo burners can handle large vessels

The three burners of this stove come in three different sizes. The jumbo burners can easily handle even large vessels. The entire setup comes without any screwing mechanism and is perfect for every kind of cooking. This stove will not slip whatever be the surface, be it marble, granite, or anything else. The design is quite eye-catching and hard to ignore.

The detachable spill trays can be removed and are coated with non-stick material. This gas stove should be your choice to make your cleaning activity breezy

Spill-proof design to ease your load

The three-burner glass top gas stove comes with three high-class designer knobs that are sure to attract attention. The nozzle can be rotated a full 360 degree and the glass top is made up of unique toughened glass and is black in color to add the classy factor to your kitchen. The burners have been uniquely designed with a smart lock pan system to support any kind of pan properly. This is further aided by a spill-proof tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. The legs of the stove are made from rubber and the sturdy panel is heat resistant.

If you are looking for a stove with high thermal efficiency, this is the one as it has brass burners.

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