Best gasoline powered generators for homes

FP Studio May 05, 2021 02:13:47 IST
Best gasoline powered generators for homes

Long life

The Generic City Light Power XLNT SL6500W-SE is a 5000 Watt gasoline powered generator which is air cooled and has an extremely long life. It is 3000 RPM and is made with MS Body, which is upto 10 times better than your regular aluminium body. It has an electric push start button along with a recoil pull start option. This generator is made of 100% copper single phase alternator that has no voltage dropping, allowing you to easily use it at home. It has a 25 ltr capacity and a running capacity of 9 hours.

High capacity

The Swan Power XLNT 3000 Watt Gasoline powered generator with a recoil start weighs 50 kgs and gives complete and perfect usage, every single time. It’s dimensions read – 6.1 x 4.7 x 0.45 meters. It provides 3500 Watts starting power and has a four stroke single cylinder in place. It has a 240V AC engine and has a fuel tank capacity of 25 litres. Its oil capacity of 1 litres, and depending on the load, the generator can provide upto 9 hours of run time.

Electric ignition

The Generic XLNT-6500E is a 5000 Watt gasoline generator which weighs 70 kgs and provides upto 230 V. It has an electric ignition type. This generator is air cooled, has a long life as well as a 3000 RPM MS body, that is upto 10 times better than an aluminium body. It provides a run time of upto 9 hours and has a single cylinder engine type with 4 strokes, OVH and air cooling. It also has a single phase alternator and no voltage dropping making it ideal for home, shop as well as agricultural land use.

Recoil start

The Elemax PEG2500B C2 2400VA petrol generator comes with an electric recoil start option and has a four stroke engine type. It has an in-built Oil Alert System and a fuel tank capacity of upto 18 litres. It also provides a continuous run time of upto 18 hours and a single cylinder engine. This generator also has OVH and Forced Air Cooling. It’s got one power factor with the following readings – 1 – super quiet, 2 – energy efficient, 3 – lightweight and 4 – portable. The best part is, this generator comes with a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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