Best Games For Some Quality Family Time

FP Studio June 24, 2020 10:25:18 IST
Best Games For Some Quality Family Time

When it’s a fun time, it is carrom time

Carom games cannot go wrong, and this game always makes up for some wholesome family time! The compact and lightweight carrom board has an excellent finish with gloss polish on the surface. Playing surely will be a smooth experience now. The polish provides superb re-bounce capabilities.

This Assam plywood board has hardwood borders and soft pockets made out of cotton. It is water-resistant and comes with an assortment of coins, a striker, and boric powder. So get on board to show your skills.

Easy buying and selling with this popular monopoly game

A monopoly only gets better. The ultimate banking edition of the board game is value for money. The set is recommended for players who are 8 years and above. With this game, you can introduce event cards and location spaces, auction off the property, and do so much more. The multi-color board is made up of plastic. This is the simplest of setups for a game that is loved across all age groups.

Take risks, trust in your luck, and win all the currency on this fun ride!

Ride high on the fun ladder with this ludo pack

No other game is as enjoyable with the family as Ludo. The age-old game of playing your pieces according to the number that comes up on the dice is perfect for mood setting. This pack also includes a game of snakes and ladders that can be played with the same pieces and dice. Now engage in a game of luck with your loved ones and bring smiles on their faces.

Both the games can be played by two to four people at once and is a great way of keeping the kids engaged during a balmy summer evening. Dive into the quality family time with this fun board game set.

Challenge your grey matter with a game of Scrabble

What can be better when you can boost your vocabulary while playing an enjoyable board game with your family and friends? Now impress everyone with your language skills and quick thinking by inviting them to play for a round of Scrabble. You can play it against one person or team up with others to form coherent, correct English words. This will also serve as a great English teacher for the children. They will become knowledgeable and learned just by regular rounds of Scrabble.

The high-quality board will last longer and will ensure that you made the right choice by buying this.

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