Best futuristic pressure cookers for your kitchen

FP Studio June 11, 2020 03:29:49 IST
Best futuristic pressure cookers for your kitchen

Now make food for 3 to 4 people with ease

This cooker is right in the sweet spot, between being too big and too small. This fits perfectly if 3-4 people are to be served. It is convenient for novices as the cooker has a curved body. This enables you to stir the contents more efficiently. The black-coloured, hard anodized body aids the heating process thereby making it more efficient. The lid is made up of stainless steel. The base is flat and the material does not react with the food items. We highly recommend it for the quality of build!

Make most of this combo offer

The value for money all-in-one pack comes with two cookers – one of 5 litre capacity and the other of 3 litres. One of the USPs of this product is the futuristic design of the cooker. Also, the material is scratch resistant, so stirring and mixing with metal ladles or spatulas won’t be a problem for you. Moreover, it also works just as great on a gas stovetop. The user friendly short handles make it very easy to carry even when it is hot. The cookers have three lids for straining, serving and pressure cooking purposes.
After having cooked with the pressure cooking lid, you can change the lid and serve directly in the cooker. With the straining lid, you can strain the water from boiled vegetables and other food items.

Best bet for beginners!

For many beginners, using a pressure cooker becomes the best option. You do not have to devote much time, also there is no threat of hot oil spilling. This cooker comes with a double screw system on its handle, making it ideal and more convenient for even first time users. The sturdy grip is matched with a knob lock mechanism that locks the lid securely. It also has a pressure indicator for safety purposes. Made out of high quality stainless steel, the cooker has an induction bottom with a 2-litre capacity.

This cooker packs versatility with efficiency

The 5-litre pressure cooker will become the attraction point of your kitchen appliances. With a mirror finish body and beautiful sophisticated look, this cooker will add to the sophistication of your kitchen. Made from pure grade aluminum, the cooker has a heat resistant Bakelite handle. You can cook a number of items using this product – be it idli, rice, daal, curry, chicken stew or pulao. The bottom is safe for use on an induction top and comes with a single safety valve and gasket release system for easy release of pressure.

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