Best front loader washing machines to tackle heavy loads

FP Studio June 27, 2020 00:00:39 IST
Best front loader washing machines to tackle heavy loads

Intuitive washing with this one
Suitable for bachelors and couples, this 6Kg Washing machine allows you to choose from 6 temperature settings and 6 spin speeds. With a 1000 rpm direct drive motor, you can dry your clothes even faster than before. You don’t have to worry if your hands are wet since the touch screen control panel is completely waterproof. The direct-drive motor doesn’t use a belt to connect to the drum and so it lets you have a powerful wash with minimum noise. Since the drum is made from stainless steel and with the 85 degree hygienic Tub Clean function you can say goodbye to bacteria buildup.

Advanced technology for a better laundry experience
This washing machine is energy and water efficient and uses crescent moon grooves inside the drum so that your clothes aren't damaged during the wash. We really like the feature in this washing machine that allows us to add more clothes midway through the wash cycle. The 2D Wash technology makes sure that your clothes are well soaked and completely cleaned, while the Aqua Energie feature makes sure that your detergent is well used. Get this if you want an all-rounder for your laundry needs!

For bigger quantities of laundry loads
This washing machine is loaded with sensors to help you get the best out of every wash by adjusting the amount of water depending on the load. We really appreciated that this machine could function even with low water pressure and is designed to handle power outages and fluctuations. The Allergy Plus cycle hygienically eliminates allergens and is a great feature if you suffer from allergies. This Bosch washing machine has the biggest drum in the segment that helps you get a more efficient wash even with bigger laundry loads.

Save your electricity bill with this one
Gentle on clothes with its diamond drum design, this machine allows you to dry your clothes faster thanks to its 1000 rpm motor. The ceramic heating element puts your mind at ease when it comes to hard water buildup. You are sure to see a reduction in your electric bill with the digital inverter motor in this machine. You would really appreciate the lower noise levels and you can benefit from the very long-lasting performance as this motor is certified to work for 20 years. If you're in a hurry, use the quick wash function for setting a wash between 15 and 30 minutes.

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