Best front load washing machines

FP Studio October 20, 2020 21:43:20 IST
Best front load washing machines

Change for good

This machine smartly senses fabric types and offers different washes for different types of clothing. There is a direct drive technology which helps in eliminating the use of belt and pulley for its operation which results in less vibration. It is suited for bachelors as well as for couples starting out. The stainless-steel drum won’t catch rust and will ensure a longer life for the machine. It has an inverter so you need not worry about the washing coming to a halt due to a power cut. The machine is completely automatic, just switch it on and forget about it. If you need a washing machine with an inverter, buy this product.

Brilliant performance

This machine comes with a diamond drum that features a unique soft curl design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges which makes it very gentle on your clothes. Also, it has small water exit holes which ensure that the fabric is less likely to be trapped inside the machine and get damaged. The Eco Drum Clean technology keeps your front load washing machine fresh after every wash. It is just perfect for cleaning lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently. It is suited for bachelors or small families consisting of 2 to 3 people. This machine is a premium product which will keep all your laundry needs covered.

Intensive wash cycles

This one has an ideal wash program which is perfect for people who are prone to allergies. Using intensive wash cycles, it helps in eradicating detergent residue and irritant and thus produces hygienic and allergy free clothes. The machine comes with the reload function which will allow you to open the door and add or remove items even after the wash cycle has begun. It has a foam detection system that is suited for unbalanced load detection and multiple water protection. This one is made for a 3-4 member member. For an energy-efficient operation buy this washing machine and cut down on power bills.

Caring for clothes

This comes with 8kg load capacity and it is ideal for medium to large families with heavy laundry requirements. It comes equipped with high-temperature wash options that give you 99.9% germ-free clothes. If you are looking for soft wash, this fully-automatic machine is perfect as it comes with filter treatment and it dissolves detergent better to give the clothes a softer wash. Need a washing machine with high performance but less vibration, this is the one.

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