Best foundations for women

FP Studio November 11, 2020 00:20:02 IST
Best foundations for women

Fragrance free

This foundation is fragrance free suitable for sensitive skin. It creates a natural finish that will not streak, smudge or slip and will not transfer onto your clothes. This foundation is touch proof. The long lasting formula ensures eight hour long protection to your skin. It is light and non-greasy therefore it will not clog your pores. Compatible with sensitive skin, this foundation is the best choice to go for.

Water based foundation

This foundation is the most affordable one available in the market. This foundation ensures a picture-perfect skin. It is extremely light and is a water based foundation with invisible finish which makes it ideal for that natural exuberance. This foundation also provides you with SPF 8 that shields your facial skin from harmful rays of the sun, and prevents skin darkening. It ensures a glowing bright skin which makes you look younger. It is easy to use and blends well with every kind of skin. Need protection from harmful rays of the sun at an affordable price, this foundation is the one for you.

For normal to oily skin

This liquid foundation is the perfect choice for every skin tone. It is well suited for every kind of skin ranging from normal to oily. It refines the enlarged pores for a natural and a matte finish. A matte finish is important as it refrains from adding a shimmery texture to your skin and instead makes your skin look evenly toned without any extra glaze. It blends in such a way that nobody would guess it is makeup. If you are looking for liquid foundation that would suit your oily skin and give you that matte finish, this is the best deal available.

Stays all day long

You can be your own makeup professional with this foundation. It is manufactured by one of the world's known cosmetic brands. This foundation stays on your skin for the whole day without causing any kind of skin eruption or irritation. It does not fade away and gives your face that fresh look. The saturated colour pigments provide an transforming effect. This foundation is extremely lightweight and does not feel heavy on the skin. It is well suited for those with oily skin as it keeps the skin oil free throughout the day. Need a foundation that stays throughout the day but is also lightweight, here is your product.

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