Best formal wear cufflinks for men

FP Studio December 17, 2020 09:30:32 IST
Best formal wear cufflinks for men

Metal cufflinks

The Tossido Blue and Black Metal Cufflink gives you a sleek and elegant look, thanks to its distinctive design. It has a unique and interesting texture on its surface, that is sure to make you dapper, no matter what you choose to pair it with. It is made of high quality solid metal and would look extremely smart if you contrast it with a white shirt. Infact, this can also be considered an ideal gift for birthdays, marriages or even anniversaries!

Stainless steel statement cufflinks

The Yellow Chimes Exclusive Collection Alphabet Letters Stainless Steel Statement Cufflinks are available in the following letters – A, M, N, R and S. They have a delicate design as well as a very graceful shape. They have been finely polished so as to ensure maximum smoothness on the surface, And would definitely compliment your formal attire well. Since it is made of surgical steel, there is no harm to the skin caused, and since it has ips process plating, the colour on it will also not fade easily, ensuring long lasting shine!

Enamel cufflinks

The Peluche Enamel Multicoloured Cufflinks come in a hard wood finish storage box and is has an additional plating of rhodium on it that not only ensures durability but is also free of lead. It is made of specially formulated brass that is long lasting and also doesn’t affect the skin. This pair of cufflinks is hand-made and has been created with exquisite craftsmanship in mind. It not only looks quite unique but will also suit you quite well, when paired with something different and contrasting. This can also be considered a very good gifting option as well!

Alloy jazz cufflinks

The Shaze Black Alloy Jazz Cufflinks look extremely sleek and debonair, and have been created keeping everyday objects in mind. It has detailed artistry crafted onto it, and will ensure that your look helps you stand out in the crowd. Not just that, these cufflinks can also be considered a very good gifting option, irrespective of whether you’re planning to buy it for your brother, friend, father or spouse! Also, if you’re planning on going for a casual white look, then these cufflinks will ensure that you look extremely smart and suave in it!

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