Best foot spa machines for a spa at home

FP Studio July 25, 2020 08:44:02 IST
Best foot spa machines for a spa at home

A very innovative design

Want to pamper your feet with a rejuvenating spa treatment, complete with bubbles, heat and pedicure, then you can’t miss this foot spa massager with roller. This foot bath spa contains one touchpad control for the bubbles and heat and two bubble strips. Roller massagers in the basin revive tired feet. The motorized epicenter is easy to operate and rotates with the press of a foot. The heated foot massager can exercise your muscles and improve blood circulation. This reliable machine can be handy for both home and professional use. It is ideal for those seeking multiple functions in a foot spa machine.

Strong stand for support

The raised nodes and flexible massage roller of this foot tub help you massage the entire sole. The concave bottom design of the tub reduces the heat transfer on the ground helping your feet rest easy in the water. What's more, its smooth edges make sure you do not suffer any cuts or bruises. The non-slip handle makes it easy to carry around and a robust stand lends it solidity. This collapsible foot tub is suitable for a small living room and bathroom. It is also good for outdoor usage such as camping, road trips, travel and picnics. So if you want a foot massager that is easy to store and carry, this is an excellent choice.

Get a soothing message

It is a boon for the elderly or those who can't visit a salon regularly. It comes with an infrared foot spa massager. This one helps destress your feet and provide a nice soothing massage. The acupressure rollers are just amazing: they help knead, push, roll your feet and relieve it of stress and pain. The bottom is equipped with a massage design to make your feet more comfortable. Another advantage is that the water gets heated on its own. This machine is meant for those who want to buy a massager at an affordable price.

Stylish and elegant design

This foot spa massager is equipped with eight strong manual rollers to improve blood circulation. It also offers bubble massage, infrared water heating and timer function, providing you a warm foot spa experience to relieve fatigue. Through in-built water heating technology water temperature can be set from 35-48℃. Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe and relax overworked feet. You can also adjust massage duration using the timer function. Additionally, it comes replete with a drain pipe for taking out the water. The machine has a stylish and elegant appearance. So if you are looking to buy for yourself or planning on giving it as a gift, it is a perfect choice.

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