Best foot massagers for a relaxed feel

FP Studio July 28, 2020 19:01:37 IST
Best foot massagers for a relaxed feel

Say goodbye to tension

As the name suggests, this foot and leg massager provides ‘life-long’ spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home. Its rubber kneading pads not only gives a roller massage to your feet but additionally also squeezes and massage the ankles and calves – all at one go. It comes with four modes of kneading, vibrating, rolling and heating programs to carry out reflexology massage therapy which helps to relieve muscle tension in addition to improving blood circulation. This massager gives users the option of heat or vibration technology. One can also choose which body parts you need the machine to concentrate on. The dual compression and vibration tech ensures blood flows smoothly to your calves and legs and also helps relax your tired muscles. Looking for a premium product? Look no further.

One-stop massage solution

It follows a very simple principle of combining vibration with magnetic force to provide the ideal massage to your feet. Its six modes of intensity can provide instant relief to your painful feet, ankles or calves. Its mats provide adequate safety coupled with power-saving features making it pocket-friendly on your electric expenses as well. The mats are easily foldable as well to make it convenient while travelling for business or pleasure. This is the ideal product if you are in the search for an affordable price.

Massage meets reflexology therapist

If you want maximum relaxation with minimum fuss, this is the one for you. It is the perfect amalgamation of strong hands of an ancient Asian massage expert with reflexology techniques. Built in collaboration with specialised medical technicians, this massager can carry out Shiatsu massage offered by the best chiropractors and massage therapists. The shiatsu massage is achieved with a mix of kneading, rolling and arch-scaping. It works well on the pressure nodes situated at the bottom of your feet to rejuvenate your reflexology pressure points. All-in-all it is the answer to all your massaging needs at one place in the comfort of your home.

Personal physio at home

If it is a physiotherapist you need at home, this is your perfect solution. This massager provides you with abundanct relaxation, untangles your muscles and releases tension by ergonomically targeting sensitive areas of your calves and soles. It gives you the most varied options of massages -- kneading massage, Acupoint massage, Air Pressure massage, scraping massage, rolling Massage and calf massage to fulfil all your needs. It is very easy to clean as it comes with detachable fabric cover with zip to maintain hygiene while enjoying a healthy massage. This is for you, if you need a powerful massager to destress.

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